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Our web sites feature information for each and every generation:

Summer Camps and Private, Prep Schools for pre-teens and teens.
College Profiles for high school juniors and seniors.
Study Abroad Opportunities and Graduate School Profiles for
students aspiring to broaden their educational horizons.

Distance Learning and Continuing Education for people of all ages along with Hospitals and Adult Living Communities for seniors are also included.

Each site includes easy to use search directories and feature articles
for ages nine to ninety.

Features camps, action/travel adventures and study abroadopportunities
with profiles and links to programs in the United States and worldwide.

Features in-depth profiles for private schools, with information about
academics, athletics, college placement, facilities, costs and financial aid.

Features in-depth profiles for two-year and four-year colleges along
with a collegiate sports directory, distance learning and informative articles.

Features in-depth information about men's and women's college athletic
programs with a geographic search of colleges and universities.

Features in-depth graduate and professional school profiles with geographic
and academic program searches, along with informative articles.

Features in-depth, international study opportunities with worldwide
directories for high school, college students and graduate school programs.

Features in-depth, undergraduate and graduate school programs in the
United States and around the world.

Features career, trade and vocational schools along with
distance learning programs

Features senior discounts, hobbies, recreation, health, music and travel
channels along with monthly sweepstakes and contests.

Features in-depth, retirement community profiles with geographic search for
assisted care, golf course and waterfront properties.

Features in-depth information about hospitals nationwide, including medical
services, clinical trials, employment and volunteer opportunities.

Features local information for residents and visitors alike. Search Directories from Atlanta to Los Angeles to Washington D.C.

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